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Friday, July 1, 2011

A lesson learned

     So in this quest of mine to lose the weight and shed the wheelchair, I knew from the beginning I'd have to learn a lot, from eating right, to what kind of exercises to do, to mentally staying the course.  That being said, I have sought help from another friend who recently shed some weight, my boss Jim.  He shared with me a spreadsheet he created from reading the book "Pure Physique".  The spreadsheet is very straightforward, with information on fats, proteins, and carbs, along with general caloric intake. 
     Well, tonight I had a run in with Dominos, the family decided to order out for dinner.  I would, in the past, ordered a pizza and helped devour that, but tonight we decided to all get the oven baked sandwich's.  Now, I know I need more protein than anything else so I figured it'd be smart to get the Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich with extra meat.  Boy was I in for a surprise. 
     After returning home from the in-laws house, I hopped on the web and started filling in my spreadsheet with calories and proteins, etc.  I was doing great, even a Bud Light wasn't hurting my numbers for the day... then I went to Dominos nutritional information page.  Gulp!!! 940 calories!!! That's half my total intake in calories for the day, and it put me over the top on my fats allowed, while barely adding any protein at all.  Lesson learned, stay away from stuff with bread and cheese everywhere.  Mind you, it was very tasty, props to Dominos in that regard, but damn, is there a light version of this tasty meal?  Glad I didn't get the chicken kickers to go with it! 
    So that's my lesson learned for today, it's better to pass up a meal you're not sure about, rather than ruin your day looking at something that was clearly a mistake.  Now to go do some marching in place and some other exercises to burn off that unwanted fat from the day.  Yay for being up to snuff on nutritional knowledge!


  1. Way to go bro. You know, as it turns out I have a horrible diet. Being fairly active and lucky, I've dodged the consequences so far, but that's no excuse. My wife is making take a hard look to makeing it better.

  2. I'll share this spreadsheet with you sometime next week.