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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday 7/2

     OK, so I got up this morning and in a typical fashion, I didn't want to wake up my fiance or my daughter.  I got up, got dressed etc, and turned on the Xbox after going into the living room.  I played it for about an hour, then felt the need to be more productive than that.  What a great feeling that is!  I then grabbed my shake weight and did a couple of minutes with it to get everything woke up.  Then I hit the free weights, 25 lb dumbbell and a good solid upper body work out.
      I then had a yogurt and protein bar as my breakfast (the Yogurt is the worst looking thing on my spreadsheet today as it has more carbs than anything else really).  I also figured out a way to make more progress per day in my diet... the BMR calculator factors in your current weight and tells you how many calories you burn per day just to sustain life.  The higher your weight is on this calculator, the more calories per day you burn naturally.   I'd rather not get that number wrong and assume I'm burning 3K calories per day when I'm only burning 2700 because I could possibly weigh less than I think.  So I have now put my target weight into the calculator to factor in my BMR and start living the life I will have to live when I'm actually at that weight.  I hope that all makes sense. 
      So after tinkering around with the BMR sheet, I decided to go and do some more work... this time, lower body and core.  Another 30 minutes of my life living healthier!  I also did 2 loads of dishes while standing up for the entire duration.  This was muscle use in my quads that I apparently really needed.  They are kind of sore now, lol.  I also got in a 30 minute session in the Dr. Scholl's foot massage thing I got for Christmas or my birthday last year (they are close together, so forgive me please for not remembering which one it was).  It's the foot massager that you put the water into, then your feet, and it can heat and massage at the same time.  My feet are appreciative of it when I use it for sure. 
    Then came the part of my day that wasn't so pleasant.  Rehab.  I had my legs crossed and would mentally try to force the foot/toes to move.  No luck yet again.  I did this for about 20 minutes, will repeat this evening.  I also do as the PT's recommended and verbally say "up" "down" "up" "down" as I move them with my hands to try to stimulate the motor skills.  The sense of feeling is coming back but it's sporadic at best.  Some days I can feel my toes in my shoes, like a hollow sense of them has been filled for a while, other days I can feel the bottom of my feet as they touch down on the ground, or against the bottom of my shoes.  This sense that there's no progress is truly my biggest adversary.  I can overcome, I know this... Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me... Sometimes it's hard to remember that verse.  

Thank you all for reading this, I changed which email my comment notifier hits so I can stay on top of comments better now.  I'll post more later.  

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