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Monday, July 18, 2011

Time to man up...

     OK, so I read Brendan's blog, and he's been going strong.  I however have been slacking.  Over the weekend it felt like every meal was from a fast food joint.  I'd eat some lunch meat or soy nuts here and there to get some protein going, but no real work outs(routine) going on.  I have been progressing slowly through the "Pure Physique" book, trying to piece that information together, again, slowly being the key word there. 
     I am going to share something that I did that I have not done in over 2 years, since my injury*.  I used the walker, with my wife behind me with the wheelchair in case I needed it, and I walked behind our house through the back portion that we own that wraps around to my mother in laws house.  Going back there was not the hard part, the hard part was getting out, a very windy path that slopes up and through some wood piles.  The strain it put on my quads to make it through there felt amazing, like part of me was a live again.  I then proceeded to walk a bit more up and down our "road".  That was on Saturday, what a great work out that was.  I felt drained afterwards which is always a refreshing feeling that you did something right. 
     Tomorrow I'm back on the health plan with full blown calculator going and I will focus more on finishing "Pure Physique" this week so I can share what I learn with you all. 

 *I refer to the "injury" as the time I had to spend in Albuquerque away from Melissa and BreAnna.  The actual injury was 7 years prior in Minnesota, I'll post more about all that happened soon; I have it saved as a draft on Facebook, and I hope it's still there lol. 


  1. It can be a long and difficult process. I have seen some of the things Harry, my Stepdad goes through. There are times when he doesn't make any progress and then there are times when he has lots of progress. You are strong and have the will do make it through this.

    Keep up the good work and the blogging.

  2. Will do! I take it this was Tim?