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Monday, July 11, 2011

Look who's back, back again...

    Dear readers,
     I apologize most sincerely for not posting over the week of July 4th.  My daughter's birthday is also the same week, so I took the week and enjoyed family and friends and didn't stress to much about working out and to be honest, I ate, lol.  That being said, I think I get it, I ate whatever I wanted and every night before bedtime, I generally felt like crap for doing so.  I did get exercise by being active in the wheel chair etc, but not my usual workout; I wanted to clarify that.
     I've started reading "Pure Physique" now and will incorporate that more and more into both my work out and my blog as I progress through the book.  It's a great read so far.  Well, I'm off to work for the day, I'll post again as soon as I can about my progress.

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