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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 1 - A Review

So day one is almost in the books, it's 9:04 p.m. here and I am pretty proud of my caloric intake today, my sodium needs to be lower overall, but I'm fine for today.  I know in review where I messed up today and I'll correct that mistake going forward. 

My overall caloric intake for the day - 2391
My water intake for the day - 152 fl oz.

My buddy, Lorenzo, who's working with me through all this, modified the Chest and Back P90X workout routine so I could do it today.  The issue primarily is that it requires a ton of push-ups/pull-ups and with me not having balance, those exercises are very scary at this point.  So what we did for the pull-ups/chin-ups is to use a lateral pull-down bar so I'd get the same movement.  For the push-ups, we used a squat rack (similar style rack pictured below) and had the bar set a few inches below my chest line, then I would grab the bar and walk back until I was leaning into the rack to do push-ups.  I've listed my reps below, weights need not be included as it does nobody any good to compare how strong/weak someone is. 

A similar Squat Rack -
My reps -
  • Regular Push-Ups - Set 1 25 Reps, Set 2 35 Reps
  • Wide Pull-Ups - 30, then 15 (Higher Weight)
  • Military Push-Ups - 15, then 15
  • Reverse Chin-Ups - 30, then 20 with higher weight
  • Rest - 30 seconds
  • Wide Push-Ups - 20, 25
  • Close Grip Pull-Ups - 25, then 15 with double weight
  • Decline Push-Ups (Here I did regular on 1st set, military on 2nd) - 14, then 20
  • Heavy Pants (Free Weight Lift) - 15 and then 15 again with a slightly higher weight.
  • Rest - 45 seconds
  • Diamond Push-Ups - 15, then 16
  • Lawn Mower Lifts - 20, then 15 (the higher weight was perfect there)
  • Dive Bombers - For this we adjusted it to Regular push-ups then wide push-ups - 20 and 23
  • Back Flies - 15 and 18 (higher weight on 2nd set)
  • Rest 2 minutes between sets.
So we did 1 set all the way through, then on the second set you mix up the order, if you have everything listed like I do above, it goes second item, then first, 4th, then 3rd, and so on.  In all, including stretching before and after it ran about 90 minutes.

I feel great, but I know soreness comes in the morning.  As I've told Lorenzo, that's my fault for being this out of shape, nobody but my own.  I found this verse while reading tonight, I hope it inspires you all as much as it is me.

 Thank you all again for reading this, I hope it truly does inspire anyone going through a hard time, never give up, no matter how difficult.  Whether you're 5 or 50, 9 or 90, the fact that you are still here means God isn't done with you yet, you still have a purpose, a life to touch, a story to tell, a generation to inspire, an obstacle never before overcome but you can be the one to do so.  I hope I'm not the first to overcome paralysis, but I hope I am one to overcome it!  Live life like it's the blessing that God made it to be.  Thank you. 

P.s. leave comments or questions as you see fit.  If you can't leave a question/comment for some reason (still working out details on that), shoot me an email at

Thanks again!

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