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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 2 - A Review

So this morning started off with a couple of HerbaLife products, the metabolism raspberry tea and a vanilla 24 hour protein shake as a meal replacement.  The eating plan did well until my mother-in-law had an impromptu burger grill out.  All in all my total calorie count was slightly lower than yesterday, my sodium was 1/4 of what it was yesterday which was still over my goal.  My water intake was down a bit, not quite a gallon, but I'm still in that transition phase where my body isn't craving water yet, but soon it will be.  My caloric and water intake levels are below.

Caloric Intake: 2351
Water Intake: 96 fl. oz.
Today was a cardio day and I ended up doing laps at the local Eco-park where 1 lap is equivalent to 1/3 a mile.  I ended up only doing 2 rounds due to a side stitch (I'm attributing that to a lack of water today). 

My soreness level wasn't where I thought it would be after the push-ups/pull-ups from yesterday, I felt very good.  Walking around the Eco-Park I used my walker, I have a picture of one posted below that's a similar model of mine.  The problem I have with this is that the hand grips vibrate as I hold onto it to walk, the vibration after about 20 minutes starts to hurt my triceps and wrists.  If anyone has a solution to that, let me know.  I'm not giving up on the 5k next spring but man vibrating for a mile hurts pretty bad near the end of it. 

Pic of a walker like mine.

So my wife informed me that I never introduced myself or the reason for this blog other than to say I'm beating paralysis.  I'm David Taylor, I grew up in Longview, Texas and now reside in northern New Mexico.  In 2002 I broke my back while lifting weights, I went to the hospital and was misdiagnosed because, I'm assuming, I've always been a bigger guy and it's just easier for doctors to say "Lose some weight, it'll help your back" than to give x-rays and do their job properly.  I'm not saying all doctors do a bad job, but in 3 out of 50 of our United States various doctors all came to the same, quick, conclusion, lose weight, feel better.  In 2009, 7 years later, the pain grew and grew and finally on June 1st I woke up paralyzed.  Long story short, here I am 5 years later still fighting to regain the "normalcy" that I lost.  I have a beautiful daughter who's about to turn 7, she's my everything and I have a promise to her that I will walk her down the aisle one day, mind you if she wants to take her sweet time in getting to that point I'm fine with that. 

My story I had typed up and I'll look for it and post when I find it.  I'd rather not retype that whole thing, lol.  Let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns.  Have a good night everyone. 

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