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Friday, August 1, 2014

A return from the abyss...

I'm going to rename this thing, it's no longer the Road to Recovery (I'll keep the name for the blog itself) but this is my accountability crib.  DDP (@realDDP on twitter) calls his house where others come to do DDP Yoga (@ddpyoga on twitter) and get their lives back in check, he calls it the accountability crib, this blog is now my personal accountability crib.  I'm not going to hold any punches back, if I slack up, you'll know, if I'm doing amazing things like overcoming paralysis and flying around the block like Superman, you'll know.  So now, let's get to being accountable!

So, since the last update some things have happened, some good, others not so much.  I haven't been back to the gym since the last blog, some issues with miscommunications happened and some pain interfered as well.  It started with the "Flares" that I get (see previous blogs for a description of those) and that started the miscommunication.  The guy I would go work out with thought that the pains were days long and so he stopped inviting me to go to the gym with him thinking I was still in pain, then that spiraled into me thinking he didn't want me to work out with him and me not bothering him via text etc.  I did a few days worth of cardio while waiting that out but not the level I should have done. 

Over the past week or so I've had an inflammation in my right knee, I'm not sure what the cause is, but it's rather painful unless my leg is fully extended.  I have it in my head that it's from my weight but I can't help but wonder if it's something actually inside the knee.  I am not making any excuses, just stating the truth, pain makes me not want to do anything.   No pain, no pain, that's what I like to live by, but now onto more things that will show that I'm human and have bad days.

Earlier this week I also hit a depression day.  On Wednesday I woke up in a mood that I encounter about once every month to 6 weeks.  Its hard to explain as it's not just a depression but it's a melancholy and just pure lack of wanting to do anything.  I could literally lay in bed all day and still not be happy, I find the negative in everything I do, I get bored easily, nothing seems to quench the depression and after a few hours it'll go away usually but Wednesday it lasted until that evening.  It's like a pure lack of appreciation, like "Why am I doing this, why am I wasting my time doing anything".  Time passes and it slowly goes away, but while it's lasting, there's nothing I want to do but cry basically.  So that day was wasted, end of story.

Ok, so let's wrap this up with the final negative of this post so we can move on to some positive stuff and informational stuff.  My diet during this time period wasn't so great either.  Red meat was consumed a lot, burgers were made (it's summer time after all), and carbs were consumed in the form of buns, bread for sandwiches.  I would eat chicken a lot instead of burgers, I had less than a handful of sodas during the past 2-3 weeks and continued to mostly drink water (I'll add a flavor packet with 10 calories here and there with those).  Time to kick butt and get this back under control. 

Now, while doing some research I found the sheet found here.  It's a really in depth spreadsheet from Team Beach Body for the P90X program, you don't have to do it to a T, but it's a good idea to look it over, read the instructions page, and tailor this to help you.  Google the exercises and watch the videos.  As someone who can't do things that require balance, what I do is look at the motion, what does it target and then replace that movement with one that I can do that targets the same area or even replace it all together and do something else to still get reps and movements done.  The path to losing weight is simple in concept, difficult in execution:  burn more calories than you take in.  Your body doesn't care where those calories are burned to an extent... obviously if all you did was arms, you'd build awesome arms but your legs wouldn't change much other than fat loss.  In the beginning, do what you can so that your body starts to feel better.  The first week or so will be soreness, fight through this, you'll end up craving it, I promise you that.  Get into a routine, make yourself do it when you otherwise don't want to.  Do you go to work everyday, or watch a certain tv show weekly when it comes on?  Then quit saying you can't make a workout routine when the only thing stopping you is YOU.  I'm owning up to the fact that I slacked off for the better part of the last month, but I'm working on not doing it again and getting back to feeling great, what are you doing?  Making excuses is easy, doing the work isn't and that's why the rewards are so much greater than being lazy. 

Those that do nothing, get exactly that in return, nothing. 

If you're paralyzed like I am, or going through anything, NEVER give up.  I follow a young man, Corey Borner on twitter.  His spinal cord injury left him paralyzed from the neck down initially, but he doesn't give up, according to modern medicine he will not walk again, according to scripture Through Christ Jesus all things are possible.  This young man hasn't given up, why should you? why should I?  Life is a journey, not some carnival ride you can decide to quit riding, it goes on whether you want it to or not.  So let's see, God created you, made you in His image, but you think it's OK to just give up on the life he's promised you.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say life will be easy, but it does promise great rewards to those "that sow in tears shall reap in joy." (Psalm 126:5)  If you put the work in, the rewards will be bountiful. 

I hope everyone that reads my blog has been using the tools I provide or find, and that everyone is being inspired, educated, and motivated into changing their own life.  Michael Jackson sang a song called "Man in the Mirror", I leave you with it and hope it makes sense to you.  

You can post questions and comments below or you can find me on twitter @Moosefan48 and send me messages there, I try to check it daily.  

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

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