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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 8

Alright, so I'm posting this one earlier than normal before my work out for the day.  I've got a cardio day today and I'm waiting on it to cool down just a few more degrees outside before we go for a walk. 

Today's caloric intake:  1,927 calories

I meant to post this yesterday at the end of week 1, but the total calories "saved" in week 1 was (Drum roll please......... )  9916.35 or 2.8 lbs!!! That's based on my current weight.  I haven't shared my spread sheet yet, but I'm posting it now.  The link is below.

Click here for the spreadsheet.

Once the images of the sheet open, click on open, then be sure to download.  If you don't have excel you can download the open office version for free.  If there are any problems with formulas not working in either version, please let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

The way the sheet works is on the "Summary" tab, you put in your weight, height in feet, then inches, and your age; this calculates your BMR that was discussed on a previous blog of mine.  Then on the allowance tab, you can change the percentages marked in blue but make sure they only equal up to 100%, otherwise something will go horribly wrong in your new eating plan and you may die.  OK, I made that part up, but let's just keep things simple and have stuff equal up to 100%.  Obviously you can tweak whatever you want on this, I track sodium and cholesterol, but you may want to include potassium, or only net carbs and net fat.  Your call.  Use this as a beginning tool and make it work for you.  The easiest way to understand what you need to fix is to document what you're doing wrong (human nature initially finds the negative in everything, so use that to your advantage and find the negative in your eating habits).  Use this like I do as a food journal, nobody else needs to see what you eat or ate that day.  If you had a bad day and ate a whole friggin' bag of bagels and a pizza buffet for dinner, NOT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but if you did, track it, and then don't do that again.  The biggest reason people don't do well on diets is because they're told they can't eat this or that and then they crave it.  Eat what you want, just track it and see how the foods you eat compare to the BMR and the calories you spend in a day.  If you're not willing to make a change, don't expect your body to make a change either.

On the summary page there's a cell colored in red called Calories Allowed, this is your BMR - 500 (3500 in a week, or 1 pound).  You can change this if you want, so 2 pounds per week would be 1000... or if you're trying to put weight on, BMR + x... where x is the calories over your BMR you want to add.  

One thing I do is set a target weight, not my end weight I'd like to be at, but a target somewhere close to where I am, within 50 lbs at the absolute farthest... and use that as my current weight so that if I forget to weigh in I'm still shooting for that target weight instead of just 500 calories under what I weighed last week and not this week.  I hope that makes sense.  So if you're 250 and you wanna weigh in at 220, put the 220 in the spreadsheet as your weight, that'll help you get used to eating what you'll need to at the 220 lbs to maintain that weight anyway and not put back on the weight once it comes off. 

Oh, and the most important thing, on the pages based on a date, when inputting your nutritional consumption, go straight off the label, the spreadsheet is already designed around mg's for sodium, grams for fat, protein, and carbs, etc.  All the formulas are converted to grams etc for you already.  For instance, 1 gram of fat is equal to 9 calories, but 1 gram of protein/carbs is only equal to 4 calories that needs to be burned.  So your welcome for that!  The 2000 mg sodium target is the daily recommended thing, same with the cholesterol number used.  I'm proud to say that my cholesterol has been at 25% of that number or less every day for the past week.  I am truly feeling better. 

In the upcoming days I'll post more on my actual paralysis.  The focus right now has been on the weight loss as regaining a center of balance is of huge importance and maintaining a gut throws that center of balance off.  So while overcoming paralysis isn't being blogged about as much as I'd hoped for, the two do go hand in hand and both are challenging and require daily attention.  Thanks for your patience. 

I've said this quote a few times on twitter (@Moosefan48 ) and found it in an image that I wanted to share with you all here.

Have a good night, I'm off to walk, see you all tomorrow!

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