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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 4 - In Review

OK, so let's knock out some of the basics real quick here. 

Caloric intake today - 2,035 calories
Water Intake - 136.8 fl. oz.

Exercises performed - Name - Reps in each set - two total sets, you do set one of each move in a round, then immediately hit set two then take the rest before going onto the next round of moves. 

Alternate Press - 20, 15
In & Out Curls - 12, 16
Tricep Kickbacks - 12, 12
Rest - 2 minutes

Deep Swimmers Press - 15, 15
Full Curls - 12, 12
Chair Dips (For this we substituted an above head tricep dip) - 15, 15
Rest - 2 minutes

Upright Rows - 15, 15
Static Curls (hated these) - 16, 16
Flip Grip Kickbacks - 15, 15 (perfect weight)
Rest - 2 minutes

Lean Shoulder Fly - 15, 15
Crouching Cohn Curl - 12, 15
Tricep Extensions - 12, 15
Rest - 2 minutes

Bonus Round
In & Out Shoulder Flies - 16, 16
Congdon? Curls - 12, 12
Wall Dips - 12/8, 12/3

Ok, so now that all that information is put in.  I feel good, can tell I'll be sore tomorrow.  All in all about a 90 minute work out, very good outing.  I don't have much else to talk about tonight, pretty worn out and ready for the pillow (it's calling me by name!). 

I was thinking today about this blog, and about the message I want to get out there to everyone and that message is this.  No matter who/what it is, find belief in a higher power, let that higher power be an faithful encourager to what you're trying to accomplish.  For me, it's God as my higher power.  Then figure out what's the reason behind what you're doing, is it inspiration or desperation?  Use those two hand in hand to reach your goals.  My goals in this blog are to help others who face any form of paralysis to know that in some form or fashion you can overcome it.  My feet can twitch at the ankle and can even move up and down to a small degree.  Those things weren't there 5 years ago when I first became paralyzed and they are only the beginning of my recovery.  I hope to touch people that are facing any adversity in their life.  Let my journey be an inspiration that you can face adversity, punch it in the throat, and kick the crap out of it.  Never settle when someone says you can't, show them you can!  Educate yourself and find what works for you, tweak things to make them work.  Most importantly, you have to put the work in, ain't nobody gonna do it for you.  The old adage goes "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade", not "Find someone to make lemonade for you".

"In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty." Proverbs 14:23

Have a great night, enjoy life and may God bless!

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