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Saturday, September 6, 2014

DDPYoga update, general well being

So, let's get to DDP Yoga first and foremost... I've now completed all 13 moves in the diamond dozen!  At some point this weekend I'll start Energy which is the 2nd movement series in the program.  I'll watch it the first time, then click play again and do it knowing a bit better what's coming up. 
As far as results so far go, I'm not doing measurements until the 30, 60, 90, etc., day marks hit, same with weigh ins... but I can tell you this.  I'm more energetic, doing more being more active than possibly ever before.  Just this morning I saw my mother and father in law out stacking wood and stopped what I was doing to go help them.  In the past I would have helped, but not with the energy or the just dropping what I was currently doing.  I'm craving the physical activity now and that's a great place to be in.  My wife keeps telling me she's seeing the weight come off so on weigh-in/measurement day here's to hoping! 

As for my general well being, I went to my PCP on Thursday, blood pressure is great, heart rate was great, everything was great except for my weight of course which I'm working on.  As for my paralysis, I'll begin Rehab again shortly (had to stop when I lost my insurance back in 2011, now my disability is covering those things) and I got the prescription for it.  As for my nerve pains in my legs, the doc is going to try switching me over to Lyrica from Neurontin to see how that works, so at first it'll be a transition period where we get the dosage correct or have to 86 the Lyrica altogether.  Also we're going to test my oxygen at night to see why I have a hard time sleeping more than 4-6 hours period.  Sleep is vital in healing/recovery and I have to get that taken care of.  Here's knowing and hoping that as the weight comes off, these issues will go away. 

I hope everyone has a great day/week/month/year/life and remember, the Bible says that God is there, it doesn't say he's going to do everything for you, get off your butt and go to work! 

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